May Flower pop-ups and Park Coffee events

Hello there one and all. 

Here in Philadelphia, it feels like we finally made it to the finish line. The long winter is over! First there were pink and white blossoms accenting our lonely streets and now green is popping out everywhere! Sweet relief. 

Well, as the saying goes April Showers bring May Flowers (I know, it's raining now and it's May...). But what, pray tell, do May Flowers bring? The answer is simple, really: BTC POP-UP COFFEE SERVICES. Our friends at La Marzocco USA have graciously let us borrow one of their more portable espresso machines and we (have) and will be offering some delicious coffee at some seriously tasty establishments this month and next. 

Our service this month was held at Machine Shop Boulangerie. This mostly-wholesale bakery conducts its business on the 4th floor of the fabled Bok Building in South Philly. We were stoked and honored to hang with these incredible bakers and offer coffee with their outrageously delicious/carefully crafted laminated dough and naturally leavened treats and bread. On top of all of that, the event also fell on their 1 year anniversary slinging amazing food for the masses in the Bok Building. It was a great time! 

Stay tuned for our next pop-up!