We're moving West...

...to West Philly! So stoked! Dreams do come true. Our time has been real nice in Grays Ferry, but it's time to move into an even better facility that accommodates our needs way more. Look forward to more updates on that soon enough. 

In looking forward to a crucial year in all of our lives, for a lot of reasons, we've lined up quite a few super tasty coffees. The first four are up right now in our "olde webstore." They're all limited runs. Check them out! Should you not act quickly enough in nabbing these coffees, fear not, there are some truly great coffees lined up to take their place afterwards. 

Also, bread... we love it. We eat it everyday. We think you should, too. If you live in Philadelphia and have a hankering for the gluttony stuff, consider checking out a loaf. They're called L'iberty L'oafs. They're shaped like a bell... And the name is sure to truly bother the lover of correct spelling/Latin-based words. 

Now, we're sure some of you out there may be wondering, "this is all fine and good, but what about me, a person who suffers from chronic coffee thirst?" It's a great point. We have decided to  bite the bullet (not bullet coffee) and offer a 6 month subscription program. The default is two 8 oz bags a month, but for those who drink coffee "slowly," you may enter a code to only be billed for 1 coffee a month. 

Lastly, we know that the days are getting longer. It's been proven and we won't get into the details. That means better weather ... probably. Accordingly, we're starting to iron our some details for pop-ups and perhaps some "Philly Park Coffee" (much like our old "OLC") events. Rumors are even circulating that we may stopping by our old stomping grounds in Seattle in April. Be sure to check in with us to see when and where the events will be going down.

Okay, bye bye.