Oakland Lake Coffee

Greetings one and all.  

We're heading to Lake Merritt tomorrow morning to hangout and make aeropresses with some Excellent people.  

"Hey, tell me more"

Fine, we will.  

Inspired by fellow cyclists and creativez brewing coffee in diverse outdoor settings around LA, local smarty*, Megan O'Connor decided, "[I] gotsta get me one'a'deez".**

And so, it was.  

Rain, Snow, Hail, or Shine***, we'll be out there taking in coffee and donuts with friends.  

Now, true to word, we will be there brewing up some tasty aeropressses of coffee. 
But everyone is encouraged to bring coffee, a grinder, brewing apperatus, and a recepticle to hold said bevie. Bonus points if you bring a camping stove and water.  
We can mix and match, tradesies, or coffee hang.  Whatever your style is, is the right way to enjoy Oakland Lake Coffee this morning. 
Sound okay?  We think so.  

Lake Merritt, behind Fairyland, under the band stand.  Ya gotta walk or bike along the trail, you'll find it, trust us. 10AM SHARP!!! Tomorrow (SUN 05.03.15)

See ya soon, 

*Can you say Berkeley PHD in the making?
** Capt Steven Hiller, Indepence Day.
***As things go in the Bay Area, probably not going to snow or rain or show any form of precipitation. It did rain QUITE HARD for our inaugural Oakland Lake Coffee event.