We're home: Philadelphia

It's like walking through a dream.

I left Philadelphia 6 years ago to further develop my understanding of coffee. The plan was to spend 3-5 years out West learning everything that I could from companies that I admired. And while that happened to a certain extent, I found, that time and time again, actual development and nurturing always came from the kindness and openness of individuals.  Beyond all of that, and minor points aside, there were no real secrets in coffee(... or anything). If you want to understand something, do it, be there and observant, and be patient. 

What I did learn from many of my former employers (save a few special ones), was exactly what a company shouldn't do or perhaps more so what I am not interested in doing. And rather than focus on those here, I will state what I am interested in doing: Offering an inclusive safe space to nurture a community (or individuals) via a service that seems uncomplicated and genuine. Creating a business that doubles-down on it's employees' happiness and intellects and draws from it when they are comfortable and ready for it. Creating an aesthetic experience that can't be out-sourced by other startups, publications, or corporations, but is rather developed from within, organically. And working with all participating communities to better our local and global landscapes: Farmers in the Tri-State Area, farmers in coffee growing regions, the people and families who already live in the area that our business exists within, and perhaps a more responsible government and bridge culture-political divides.

And so you need to know: I'm so extremely excited to be home and get to work. It's my hope that you might feel similarly and might want to hang out over some coffee, some music, and maybe even bread?