Greetings to all, 

I'm so very stoked to inform you fine people that we're attending YET ANOTHER INSTALLMENT of OAKLAND-LAKE-C.O.F.F.E.E.  !!!!
For those weirdly out of the loop, we've been hanging out a few times a month with some very ENTHUSIASTIC people at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA to make coffee, eat donuts, and take in general and not-so-general merry-making.

"Say what? Where? How does this work? What can I do to make a positive impact?"

Okay, settle down.  Here's the deal.  There are some picnic tables behind Fairyland... no streets signs, no address... Be resourceful, use those legs, and find it.  It's west of the band stand.  Look for some lunatics making coffee. 
You should at the very least bring a cup/mug/bowl/water-tight shoe.
But, you are encouraged to throw down, if you should be so bold, with a camp stove, grinder, coffee brewer of YOUR CAREFULLY CURATED selection, some coffee (although, we'll have some available), and water to boil and for brewing.  
AND despite the name, we definitely encourage folks to NOT USE LAKE MERRITT WATER.  Sheesh.

Now, what am I getting on about with this "Baking. Not Baked" title?  As it turns out, food can be as good, if not, at select times, better than really nice coffee.  Years spent serving coffee have seen me grow hungrier and hungrier during shifts.  As a result, I'm resolved to make food for myself and for the people that I care about.  

Time spent out in the Bay has sparked an interest in sourdough-leavened treats.  In keeping with that spirit and flavor, we will be offering some sweet and savory sourdough treats.  
Can you deal with that?

Now, contrary to them snacky-pooz, I can assure, the coffee will not be baked.  Baked is a term we attribute to some less-than-desirable qualities found in poorly roasted coffee. It tends to render very dull flavors. (Look at me, acting all snooty!)
Yeeees, much like the sourdough levain, the coffee should taste very active.  

Although not fermented. hmmmmmm