BLIND TIGER COFFEE: Coffee and Culture Quarterly

The BLIND TIGER COFFEE Coffee & Culture Quarterly exists as a means to examine the agricultural goods of coffee producers throughout the world, as well as to promote artistic, musical, and philosophical pursuits carried out and created by free-thinking individuals.  As corporations and special interest groups increasingly influence many areas of our lives, it’s important that we promote the fruits of passion and drive that might otherwise get overlooked and to act as stewards for the underdogs of this world who are critical and create wonderful “stuff” on their own terms.

As they say,  idle hands are the devil’s workshop…. and frankly, life’s too short to not make something.  We believe that if you make something that is good, or you work hard toward doing something or creating something personal — you might sleep better at night. You might even inspire others to do the same. And if that happens, you create a wildfire of local energies.

If everyone’s participating in or doing something creative, we’re democratically creating our own local cultures. A thriving local culture enriches lives and creates demand and tourism, all things fueling a good economy and a healthy society.

Further, through BTC C&CQ, we’re looking to create a unique experience for you to enjoy a coffee with…

or to enjoy music with…

or to enjoy art with…

The objective is to release an issue each quarter on a common theme and featuring four tasty and fresh new coffees. This season, we’re examining experiences we’ve had around coffee, for better or for worse.

At the end of the day, the BLIND TIGER COFFEE C&C Quarterly exists as a means to do something, promote folks who do something, to inspire you to do something, and to enjoy something.

We're looking forward to our upcoming Summer 2015 release.  STAY TUNED!!!