C&C Wedding Factory


We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, loving wedding. Thank you for your generosity, thank you for your love, thank you for all of your help making this happen, thank you for letting us into your life! Also, thank you for sending us pictures! We’ll add more as we receive them and get them developed. <3

^^ You can listen to the playlist Charlie made for our ceremony here ^^

You can also download it here.


1. Bill Nelson “Annunciation”
2. Key Ransone “Prelude Opus 4 for Vincent Persichetti” & “Opus 4 n2 for Tom Coulter”
3. The Sveshknikov and Volga Choirs “Evening Bells”
4. Eric Dolphy and Richard Davis “Come Sunday”
5. Chris Weisman “Working on My Skateboarding”
6. Os Mutantes “O Relógio”
7. My Bloody Valentine “Cigarette In Your Bed”
8. Felt “Imprint”
9. Clover Choir (SFAWU) “Sinbingelela Ufosatu”
10. Arthur Russell Intro to “Hiding Their Presents” & “They and Their Friends”
11. The Royal Greek Festival Company: “Ballos” & “Xypna Daktilidostomi”
12. Retsin “Bodega”