Meow there cats and kitties,

It’s time yet again for all of us to gather around the Seedy Grain Loaf and discuss our ambitions, dreams, and fears for/of 2019 at Lost Bread’s 1313 N Howard St retail location…..

It’s on, kiddos! We will be hanging heavy with our pals at Lost Bread, serving up some shots of Happy Lamp and cups of OrAnGe YoU gLaD… on Saturday from 10-1PM/sell out. We up’d our production numbers this week to keep up with ya. Plus, there’s that life-changing snowstorm coming up and if you haven’t already bought all the batteries and eggs in the market, you might want to consider bringing a bag of coffee home instead. So come on out, drink some coffee, eat some transcendental carbs, and gawk our crazy roaster in the back.

BTC @ Lost Bread
1313 N Howard St
Philadelphia PA 19122