MAY FLOWER POP-UP#1 Machine Shop Boulangerie 05/04/18 8AM

What's up!?

We're kicking off this series with our favorite Franco-Philly bakery, Machine Shop.
Friday May 4th 2018
1901 S 9th St
Philadelphia PA
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Literally run by Emily Riddell and Katie Lynch all day every day, seven days a week. If there were eight days, you'd be best believe they still wouldn't take a day off. Their secret strength? They care about their craft!
Riddell and Lynch began their careers holding down the pastry and bread departments of Chef Perrier's establishments in Philadelphia. In the last decade, they've been busy beginning, running, and maintaining more than a few big-deal projects from Philly to San Francisco. A few years ago, while they were probably sleep-deprived, they planned up a perhaps-crazy-idea to open up arguably one of the tastiest and well-regarded bakeries on the East Coast and haven't looked back since... (or slept... They work a lot...). Did it work? Did the idea come to fruition? I implore ye, go to many of the finer cafes in Philadelphia and find out for yourself. They're featured at pretty much all of them and have gotten some killer write ups in such prestigious establishments as Bon Apetit and Philly Magazine. CHECK THEM OUT: