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B T C @ L/O/S/T*B\R\E\A\D

A big round of applause for everyone in the BTC branding department. Outstanding work on making these titles ^pop^, right?
Aaaannnnnyway, let’s set the record straight: This pop-up is on a Sunday. Not Saturday. Yes, they’re normally on a Saturday. But there’s a pretty cool event going on Saturday in the space*. We’ll be there the next day, which is Sunday, Serving some wild coffee and vending many a bag of whole bean coffee. Can you afford not to go? I don’t think so. Because I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some wild baked goods, snacks, and loaves and that’s practically money in the bank every time you buy/eat those delicious treats.

*(maybe the organizers hate us (?) so no BTC. But go anyway and gawk at our crazy roaster just sitting in the background (nbd) and drink some Rival Bros because they’ve actually been really kind and helpful to us…. We’re getting off track, people!

Earlier Event: February 8
P>U>B>L>I>C...<C<U<P<PI<N<G at Rally!
Later Event: February 22
<P<U<B<L<I<C + C>U>P>P>I>N>G> @ RALLY!