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It’s on, yet again.
This Saturday.
1313 N Howard St.


Pennsyl-fucking-vania. 10AM-1PM

We’re teaming up with our pals, dear sweet ones, Lost Bread. If you come, you’re gonna find loaves out the wazoo, plus loaves that are sliced and then placed on a source of heat, that then caramelizes the outside of those slices, that can be covered in this milk fat thing that happens when you take heavy cream and shake it or “churn it” (yeah some people still churn things, smarty pants) until it turns into this mass of fat or something. But then you put it on something warm, like a slice of a loaf that got warmed up next to a heat source, and it melts like a snowman on the beach, but tastes really great on a warm slice of a loaf.

Oh there will also be crazy wild cool new hip pastries that made from pulverized wheat grains and other pulverized grains. And they taste VERY GOOD.

Oh, there will also be coffee. From us.
Both espresso (F L O W E R S vol 1) and drip coffee ( H A P P Y L A M P)

Be there!