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We're truly honored and stoked to be able to serve coffee, ESPRESSO, and something we're going to call "Lost Coffee" this Saturday at LOST BREAD in "Olde Kensington."  ;-)

As you may or may not know, we here at BTC are perpetually hungry and may have an intense love for bread... "may".... And as far as we can tell, good bread purveyors in Philadelphia were slightly hard to come by once upon a time. In our minds, there were basically three people quietly making great bread.  Alex Bois, former head baker at High Street, was one of those three. Well guess what? Things have changed regarding that "volume level." He and his staff are loudly and proudly serving up crazy and "inventive"(to say the least) bread for the hungry people of Philadelphia in their BRAND-SPANKING NEW facility on Howard Street, just above Girard Ave. They're getting wild with greens, grains, both milled and whole, seeds, beets, citrus, eggs, and just about anything else local and tasty or crazy. 

We're not entirely sure what to expect this weekend because they seem to up the anti every time they throw an event.  We're simply hoping that we can at least keep up with them... but then again, it's a great time of year for coffee and maybe we're not afraid to get weird too. So, if you can, you should swing by this Saturday, June 2nd. Starts at 10AM and stops whenever either one of us runs out of stuff or 4PM. Whichever comes first. 

Have a great week.

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