L'Iberty L'Oaf's

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L'Iberty L'Oaf's


All orders need to be placed by Midnight Saturday for Monday Bake. 

Here's the deal:

We make bread. It's naturally leavened or sour-dough'd or whatever you wanna call it. (It's not cold brew, but it's still pretty good.) It's old school. Prehistoric K. It tastes good and is good for you or at least better for you then most commercially available bread including that little shop down the street. (Whatever, we're littler.) It also lasts much longer than your average loaf of bread and toasts really nicely if you're into that. 
Anyway, we make this to order. So think ahead! We happily make it with flour that is locally milled and grown fairly close by too. It's a mix of bread flour and whole-wheat. 
It's $5 and ONLY AVAILABLE for LOCAL PICKUP/DELIVERY. I could mail it to you but you've got a local baker somewhere that you should support more. But I'm open to an email if that last part didn't sway you. 


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