Oakland Lake Coffee is a freely organizing, democratic gathering of coffee-centric Bay Area weirdos, artists, academics, cyclists, and human-types. No one is in charge and anyone is welcome to join. 

Despite our initial skepticisms of people getting up "early" on a Sunday to bring water, a grinder, a camp stove, coffee, and a brewer, people have been turning out for this event. (That's a vote of confidence for coffee, we guess..) Each event has had more and more folks come out for coffee and pastries. 

We've been in attendance for the last few months with coffee in toe as well as some Aeropresses to brew with for others. And while we're happy to share our coffee, folks are also turning up with a whole host of local roasters, large and small from Oakland's Timeless Coffee to Santa Cruz's Verve.  

Normally, donuts are available for consumption as well.  Charlie has been utilizing these events to wrap his brains around hyper bay area styles of baking utilizing sourdough levain in the form of croissants and focaccia.  Yum-maaay.

Lastly this event seems to be connecting groups of folks that might otherwise never mingle, and this is something that I've been really stoked on: people drinking coffee, sans computers, and mingling.  Ya know, what people used to do?... Penny Universities? 

Next one is Sunday June 21st at Lake Merritt.