Coffee & Culture Quarterly

Each quarter, we plan to release a zine based around a central theme and featuring the works of many authors and artists, a comp tape of worthwhile independently produced music, and three tasty coffees.  The idea is to present art, music, stories, criticism and coffee at once, for someone, and that can be transported anywhere: a kitchen, a bedroom, a subway platform. As the coffee cools, the flavors change, your settings change, and you are no longer where you are.  

At the heart of it, it focuses on some things that are of importance to us in regards to coffee shops: 1) That the coffee taste great, 2) That the music be new to you, worthwhile, and... actually good 3) That you learn something and 4) be transported to a place not easily reproduced.  

We grew up in coffee shops and have been deeply affected by those experiences... coffee... music... art.  While the quality of coffee has gone up dramatically, we worry that the advent of social media has affected the quality of feel and identity of cafes and roasters.

The BTC CCQ embraces eccentric and critical thought and presents it via DIY methods to reveal something fresh, enjoyable, and hopefully thought-provoking.  The first issue is due next month.

Check out some tunes: